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Shelter Cove Fishing Preservation, Inc. – Mission

In the fall of 2018, with the future of fishing out of Shelter Cove on the edge of extinction, a diverse group of stakeholders stepped forward to create a non–profit corporation. By the end of that year, Shelter Cove Fishing Preservation, Inc. was founded to:

~ Preserve the fishing heritage of Shelter Cove by providing permanent access to fishing and other recreational and commercial maritime activities through the port of Shelter Cove.

~ Educate the community of ways to facilitate commercial and recreational fishing, thereby combating community deterioration.

~ Educate the community about how to engage with governmental agencies to obtain resources related to preserving the fishing heritage of Shelter Cove.

~ Promote and establishing infrastructure projects that will facilitate the recreational and commercial fishing fleet.

Shelter Cove Fishing Preservation, Inc. is a 501-(C)(3) Non-profit corporation. It consists of a Board Of Directors from the community, and a whole lot of volunteers all helping to serve the Shelter Cove Community.

Contact Us:

P.O. Box 161,

Whitethorn, CA 95589

Boat Launch Office

Phone: 707–986-1400


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