Shelter Cove Boat Ramp

Shelter Cove Boat Ramp at High Tide

The Boat Ramp in Shelter Cove is used to launch both sport and commercial fishing vessels. At high tide, the ramp is almost steep enough for most trucks and trailers to launch, however that does not last.

The Boat Ramp at LowTide

At most other tides, only the smallest boats can be launched and retrieved without the tractor service safely. Self launching usually also requires a variety of methods like third wheels and ropes for retrieval.

Moving Rubble and Debris

Large swells and stormy conditions bring in a variety of debris including rocks rubble sand and logs of all sizes. This makes launching more difficult, especially for self launchers. The occasional maintenance is often a losing battle and rarely lasts long.

Two Days Later

Without a tractor service there would be very few people able or willing to try and launch their boats here at Shelter Cove.

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